Good Morning Gorgeous!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

I’ve been thinking a lot about showing up as my most authentic self this week. Your authentic self is who you really are after all your titles and responsibilities are stripped away.

Your true identity is the soulful, eternal and divine being traveling through this human experience you call your life.

Your authentic self exists at a level of being woke and feeling lit that is often far beyond your current awareness.

The authentic self holds an immense amount of wisdom about our life and if we create a dialogue with this higher version of ourselves, we can resolve issues, find solutions, create stability, live from a place of calm confidence, and rebound from triggering situations at a faster rate.

Here is a quick exercise that you can use anytime you want to access your authentic self. Use this exercise to process your emotions, to set intentions, to manifest your dreams, and most importantly to lead a more positive, peaceful, healthy,...

Good Morning Darling!
Hope you are up bright & early and giving yourself a lil time to ease into your Friday!
I don’t know about you, but my interests change all the time. I get really into something for a couple of months and then I generally move onto new things or activities that pique my interest.
I used to be really hard on myself for not sticking to specific things i.e. workout classes or diets but over time I’ve come to love and appreciate the fact that I’m constantly growing, shifting, and changing.
With that, I want to share my favorite self-care rituals that I’m currently obsessed with! I’ve also included links so that you can dig in deeper, but my hope is that by reading my list, that it will inspire more clarity within you on your favorite self-care rituals.
What perks you up? What makes you feel well-rested? What makes you feel powerful, cozy, taken care of? Marinate on these questions as you check out my list below!

Also known as a vagina steam. Now be...

Happy Friday, my love! 

I'm very excited to announce that I'll be hosting a live event and you're invited to join!

Over the last several months, I've been coaching woman from all over the globe and am loving every second of it! Recently, I've been craving more in-person connection and am yearning for more sisterhood and community. I would love to meet you, connect more, and have fun together!

Which is why I am simply over the moon to invite you to join me for a live, in-person event taking place in Los Angeles next month! 

I want to help you feel more playful, sensual, and lit up.

I want you to flirt, dance, and sparkle in any room that you walk into.

I want you to be able to enjoy being a woman by tapping into your wildness and softness. The goal is to be fun and light in the boardroom, bedroom, or the grocery store. 

As women it is our birthright to be playful, fun, wild, light, and sensual. Let me show you how!

I'm inviting 8 women into my LA home for an intimate a...

Good Morning Darling!

I imagine that we are bundled up together on my velvet blue sofa sipping matcha and giggling together. The reason we’re giggling is because we’re debating the age-old question, can you really change a man?

We start to cackle together because we agree that no one can really change anyone else, be that a man or a woman.

What I can tell you is a true story about one of my coaching clients, who successfully changed her own energy to create a tectonic shift in her romantic relationship.

My gorgeous client started dating this guy that she was crazy about. They had chemistry and lots of fun together. After a couple of months, my client allowed “the voice” in her head to start running their relationship. She began to wonder, “when will we get married?” and “isn’t it my time to settle down?” and “I need to think about marriage now if I want to have kids in my thirties, right?” She sat down with her dude and started asking all the questions. Were they official? Why hadn’t she m...

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