Hello my little cream puff,

I’m writing to you today as though you are my oldest, dearest friend and that you are sitting on the other side of this matcha latte.

Yum. Is there anything cozier than sipping a warm, soul nourishing beverage, and connecting with a dear friend? I don’t think so.

If you were on the other side of this latte, I’d tell you that I’ve been experimenting with saying no as a complete sentence. That means saying no with no additional explanation.

You may be thinking, is she nuts? And you would be right. I’m a complete head case.  But what I know for sure, is that we are always practicing something and most of us are practicing suffering. We say yes to someone else’s desires when all we want to do is scream no. We eat when we aren’t hungry. We swipe right or scroll down when all we really want to do is take a breath and close our eyes.

So, at this point we are mid-way through our lattes and you may be wondering where the hell I’m going with this. Well, over the last week,...

Good Morning Lover,

Do you have a Valentine’s Day hangover? After a week of lots of relationship talk with everyone I’ve encountered, I want to connect with YOU on how romance doesn’t always show up how we expect it will.

Don’t get me wrong, I am literally obsessed with over-the-top, old movie-style romance. Rose petals, chocolates, being whisked away to Paris, the list goes on and on for all the ways I thought romance would look like in my own life.

What I’ve come to realize is that the most romance and love I’ve ever experienced have always appeared in the most unexpected ways. And although roses and chocolates are delightful, they have never made me feel the pure bliss I’ve felt from sitting across from someone who is present, engaged, and enraptured in conversation with me.

Below are a few ways that romance has unexpectedly showed up in my life recently. As you go through the list, I ask that you consider evaluating how you feel as you read. Do you notice that you become triggered or u...

One of my goals for 2018 is to find ways to be more delicate with myself. What that means is acknowledging and honoring my strength and giving attention and intention to my softness, delicacy, and sweetness. I’m on a journey of allowing my delicacy to shine just as much as I’ve allowed my power to sparkle.

There is nothing like celebrating your softness and femininity on any day, but on Super Bowl Sunday. In the past, Super Bowl Sunday meant bingeing on chips, numbing my boredom with cookies, and feeling like I don’t belong.

Instead of another year of overeating, sulking, and contention, I decided to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with beauty and by honoring my commitment to being more delicate with myself. I made a reservation for one for a traditional high tea to listen to a harpist, to sip champagne and hot vanilla tea, nibble on strawberries and cream, and to admire tiny finger sandwiches.

Experiencing a traditional high tea is a sacred ritual of formality, beauty, and elegance. It’s an...

Good Morning Sweet Cuppycake!

Hope you’re having a cozy Friday morning and that you allow yourself to stay in bed just a smidge bit longer!

I recently attended a really cool book signing event at the Agape Spiritual Center in LA. The event was hosted by Gabby Bernstein, spiritual thought-leader, and chic as fuck chick who helped me discover meditation. The event was a celebration of her new book titled, “Judgement Detox”.

While listening to Gabby wax poetic on how to use spiritual tools to cope with judgmental thoughts and feelings, I got to thinking about my own judgement.

You can call me Nina Judgmental Sasson.

I thought about how earlier in the day I was judging up a storm. I judged a woman at the farmer’s market. I judged my boyfriend. I judged our upstairs neighbors. I judged our President.   

Judgey, judgey, judgey. Straight up judgmental hoe, for sho.

We judge because we get triggered by someone or something and that creates shame, anger, fear, and unworthiness in us. We then proj...

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