Happy Friday Honey!

It’s that time of year again… the gateway drug into the holiday season or as I like to call it miniature peanut butter cups and Halloween.

I don’t know about you, but as a child, I used to gorge myself on all the treats and sweets I could get my hands on. I would even squirrel away candy, hide it in places, and inhale it later in secret smothered in shame. Can you relate?

I felt like sugar and candy had a hold on me. It made me feel joy, pleasure, and sweetness and all adults (and later, my inner critic/ego) wanted to do was take that bliss away from me.

Just last week, I came home from work starved, feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and mindlessly dug into a bag of Haribo gummy bears. Have you done this?  Have you found yourself at the bottom of the M&M's, candy corn, or potato chips bag asking yourself, “who ate all of this?” Do you then find yourself beating yourself up yet again? Do you feel like you can never get the “healthy gal” thang down? Or that you’ll ne...

Good Morning beautiful!

Hope you woke up this morning and know that a wonderful day awaits you.

In full transparency, this week has felt a bit dark for me. I’ve been feeling emotionally triggered by the all the #metoo stories that I’ve been reading and on top of that, I’ve come down with a cold and have lost my voice. If you know me IRL (in real life), you may know that I’ve been verbally sexually assaulted throughout my career. From a female supervisor commenting on my breasts when I was at my first internship at a news station to being sexually propositioned by a male colleague, I’m an open book when it comes to what I’ve experienced and how I’ve worked through it. With that being said, I’ve felt sadness, anger, and frustration this week. Have you felt triggered by #metoo? 

In an effort to spend less time on social media and dive deeper into all the thoughts and feelings, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my journal. While working through my personal darkness, I found I was able to...

Good Morning Beautiful!

I hope that you woke up with ease on this Friday morning. I hope that you opened your eyes, did a little stretch, and reminded yourself that you are fabulous and ready to own this day!

This week, I had the honor of taking over my health & lifestyle coach, Jamie Mendell's, Instagram account. I showed her followers a day in my life and am so grateful for the new followers of 5 Minutes of Fabulous. To all the new gems, I would like to formally introduce myself. 

My name is Nina Daisy Sasson, but you can call me Nina or just holler at me “Hey Gurl!”. I’m a sassy gal with crazy curly hair and a passion for creating a colorful, pleasure-filled life! I find joy in helping others add more fun and grace to their lives! When I’m not at my musical theater dance class or in a bubble bath, you can find me strutting around in a board room working in brand partnerships at a music video company, called Vevo.

While sharing my day in my life on Instagram, I got several questions...

Happy Fabulous Friday to you!

The weather in LA is starting to shift, there is a cool crispness in the air and it’s finally starting to feel like we are transitioning into a different stage of the year. Now, I’m sure if you are in other parts of the country that this shift has already begun and that you are diving right into Fall. Given that it is the last quarter of the year (yes, I speak in quarters because I work in corporate America and that is the lingo) it really got me thinking about the goals and intentions that I set at the beginning of 2017. One of my goals for 2017 was to go to Paris for 5 days and to stay in a beautiful apartment. Well, as you know, I recently accomplished that goal and want to share some of the lessons I learned on my journey.

My hope for you is that my lessons can perhaps awaken a deeper understanding within you.  Now without further ado…

You are being guided. When I was in Paris I was walking over 10 miles every single day. It was pure magic to saunter and...

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