Yo Yo Yo Homies!!

I am living a real-life Oprah running onto a stage screaming/being ridiculous moment right now. Why? Well because I just completed a New Moon Goddess Ceremony on Monday and I am feeling jazzed and lit up about life.

Long story short, I hosted an exclusive event in my home for a group of 8 women where we practiced being free, open, and authentic all while declaring our desires. It was pure magic.

One common theme that came up for every woman was the concept of people pleasing and feeling expected to say yes when all they wanted to say was hell no!  Even a self-proclaimed self-care Kween like myself has a hard time saying no to people, especially people I love.

Here’s an exercise that has been a game changer for me when it comes to managing my energy and my schedule:

The How: The next time someone invites you to something or asks you to do something and your immediate reaction isn’t a "Hell Yes", try saying this, “thank you so much for asking. I really appreciate it. Let me...

Cheers to the frickin' weekend, babies! Hope your week has been positive and productive.

You may know that I was in an accident about a month ago. I was walking in my neighborhood and crossing the street when I was hit by a car. I threw my hands up on the hood of the car, the driver freaked out and accelerated to hit me again. This time, I screamed and feel down in the middle of the intersection.

Many witnesses jumped out of their cars to see what happened. One woman heard my screams (she later told me that she thought it was a dog) and she ran out of her home and plucked me out of the street to take me out of harms way.

I was in complete shock. I was sobbing and confused. When I opened my eyes, I was being held like a baby. The woman who ran from her home was holding me and told me that I was safe. She told me that everything was ok. That I was healthy, strong, and beautiful. That everything was going to be taken care of. She held my hands tight.

When I was finally abl...

Happy Friday my sugar pies!

My sweet loves, the struggle has been real for me lately. I've been struggling to find a new morning routine that feels good with my new job and new commute. I feel stuck in a cycle of rushing, discomfort, and fatigue. 

Honestly, I've been majorly hating on my body too. Since my accident and starting my new job, I haven't exercised. I've been feeling at war with my body because my mind wants to workout, but all my body wants to do is rest. Can you relate?

I feel a bit like I am in survival mode, which is why I am deciding to come back to my center. My soul. Myself. Which to me, means pleasure and fun.

I don't want to settle for crumbs anymore. I want to put myself first and focus on letting go.

Are you with me?

If so, and if you are local to the LA area, I would love to have you over to my home for a night of reconnecting with our joy and radiance.

Imagine a fabulous group of women gathering together in a cozy candle lit apartment who are all tapping into the power...

Holy crap- how is it August already? We are more than halfway through the year and nearing the end of summer.

I don't know about you, but summer reminds me of being a kid. I spent my summers swimming, laughing, reading books, eating lots of ice cream, playing board games, sleeping in, dining al fresco, and trying all types of new things.

In all honesty, when I looked at my calendar this week, I had a holy shit moment. I wondered, "How do I seize this moment and really savor the rest of this summer?"

Can you relate? Are you feeling this way too?

Just like you ,I have a demanding job and as you may imagine, working in corporate America doesn't necessarily lend itself to summer fabulousness. More often it can lead to summertime sadness when you walk out of your office building to a warm evening.  

So how do we add some more summertime fabulous to our lives right now?

Carpe diem! Here a few things I plan to do to savor the rest of my summer:

1.Getting out in nature 

For me, that means sched...

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