My loves,

Thank God It’s Friday! At this very moment I am watching Pharrell’s music video for the song “Happy” and I am beaming from ear to ear. Right now, I am feeling the first bit of pleasure that I’ve felt all day. Because right now my life feels messy, a bit scary, and I’m about to start a new chapter.

Can you relate? Are you feeling devoid of pleasure? Can you recall a pleasurable moment from this week or better yet, from this morning?

As I go into this long 4th of July weekend, I plan on tidying up every nook and cranny of my apartment. I’m going to buy new candles, fresh flowers, pick up yummy groceries, and put together an epic playlist.  I’ll arrange a gorgeous spread for dinner, fill a platter with the most vibrant veggies, and pour a bottle of wine that nourishes the soul.

I plan to prepare my home for the most important guest, ME! MOI! You read that right!

I love creating nice things for others and am really excited to do this for myself.

Do you ever notice how we set out our fi...

TGIF honeys!

Today let's tawk about playing the waiting game. You know those times when you've waited on test results from your doctor? Or when you're waiting on a text back from your crush to set up a date? Or waiting on that fabulous job offer? Or on your acceptance to your dream school? 

Waiting is a bitch of a game and I'm really not great at it. But recently, I was put in a situation where I was playing the waiting game for about eight weeks. And wait, I did.

I'm not saying that I waited gracefully, but I did take the opportunity to sit with my discomfort. Sometimes that meant ranting and raving to my friends or my boyfriend. Other times, I practiced reciting affirmations and listened to 101 power thoughts to keep my wandering mind positive and abundant.

Sometimes I got angry, I would throw a fit, I stomped around, and I even cried when I felt like my inner critic would get the best of me. And all along in the process, I accepted the shitty feelings of doubt and fear and I practice...

I’m so excited to tell you about an epic experience I had. My boyfriend and I recently went on a Bicycle Taco Tour of Los Angeles. The tour included a 15-mile bike ride through downtown LA to some of the best tacos trucks, stands, and restaurants in the most diverse areas of the city. (see us all geared up below)

Let me start off by saying that in the past, I would have never participated in this type of experience. First off, I am a C+ bike rider, at best (I’m being generous here). Secondly, I would have never felt comfortable or would have trusted myself enough to eat multiple rounds of tacos.

So let’s side bar on that for a second. I used to really struggle with dieting. I felt like I constantly had to control my meals, calories, and exercise. I trusted every magazine article about losing weight more than I trusted my own soul.

My self-esteem was made up of ego and dreams of being a size 0. Because of this, I said no to many fun experiences. I said no to going out drinking and dancing...

My boyfriend and I just recently celebrated our 9th anniversary together and we’ve been living with each other for about 6 years now.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not easy to live with.

I’m a neat freak, but I’m also lazy.

I have a very particular aesthetic, am a nut job about fluffing pillows, and I believe in saging my living space until it feels like a Buddhist temple.

I have food allergies.

I believe in using my Vitamix on the daily (the louder the better).

I dance around our apartment. I meditate on our couch. And I am a firm believer in having lit candles and beautiful tchotchkes around me at all times.

Now despite all of my idiosyncrasies and whoo whoo ways, I can say that our home is a peaceful one.

I grew up in a house that was the opposite of peaceful. It often felt like a war zone with yelling, cursing, constant fighting, and turmoil. Because of this, it is a priority to create a home with my boyfriend that feels light, warm, cozy, and a zone for honesty, tenderness, and lov...

Yup. This meme is LITERALLY capturing all my feelings right now.

Do you ever like your life feels busy as fuck or stagnate or just blah?

Have you considered lying face down on the floor?

All joking aside, I am all about that fab life and yet I still often feel like opting for lying face down on the floor.

Why? Well because life can feel really hard sometimes. And in full transparency, my fabulous ass has been going through it for a while.

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed in my work life and feel like I’m on that to-do list hamster wheel. Can you relate?

So I was thinking about my shitty overwhelm and I sat with it.

I even journaled about it. I journaled on it and didn’t pause mid-way through to check my Instagram feed.

I just decided to admit that I am overwhelmed and I am still fabulous.

Once I decided to admit the facts, I got super fired up to create some inspired action.

In the midst of the overwhelm, I understandably so, forgot about having fun.

Yes. FUN! What a concept!

I opened u...

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