I don’t know about you, but the struggle has been real for me this week. A lot of aspects of my life feel out of my control and it’s making me uncomfortable as all hell. Can you relate?

I have pending deals in my business that are making me feel anxious but also cautiously optimistic.

I currently have no vacations or fun day trips to look forward to. This is making me feel sad and annoyed with myself that I haven’t gotten my act together on making travel and adventure a priority.

I’m not getting enough sleep and am feeling grumpy which has created some disjointed communication in my relationship.

While all this is happening in one week, I keep getting served images on my Instagram and Facebook feeds about the concept that you can’t have it all. I even got served an affirmation from my favorite positive affirmation app saying “You can have it all, just not all at the same time.” This really annoyed me.

I want to say here and now that I really want to have it all. (The video above of me...

 I am a feminist. I am an independent woman who has performed "The Vagina Monologues" three times. I've held all-female moon goddess gatherings at my home and I even founded a club called Women in Media.

I am a feminist who is not going to the Women's March. 

So what gives?

I have decided to exercise my feminine right to listen to my intuition. To slow down for a moment, listen to my desires, and get really clear on what sounds pleasurable to me. And going to a march is none of those things. In all honesty, I have crippling anxiety in crowds. I get sweaty, snappy, overwhelmed, and actually feel misery when faced with a sea of people. It also makes me feel extremely small and unseen because I often can't see above the person in front of me and I always get pushed or stepped on. And the one thing I don't want to feel on a day that is about being BOLD, is to feel small.

So I want to share with you what I am doing instead of going to the Women's March. I hope with all of my heart an...

Yup. You read that correctly. Miss Piggy. The Superstar. The Diva. The Lover of Frog. The Muppet Supreme.

In the middle of a week where I found myself feeling annoyed, angry,and sad about a variety of things, I received a truly playful gem via Amazon Prime: a vintage copy of Miss.Piggy's book "Miss Piggy's Guide to Life". 

I immediately started reading the book. I was blissful. It was hysterical, sweet, and more thoughtful than you would expect a book written by a muppet in 1981 to be. But when I put the book down I started to remember how growing up my brothers would viciously tease me by calling me a variation of "Piggy, Miss. Piggy, or Ziggy Piggy". As a child, I was mortified to be anything like Miss. Piggy. Maybe it meant that I wasn't waif thin or that I was too theatrical and over the top, that my essence and soul took up too much space.

I realized that after all these years my brothers had it right! I am just like Miss. Piggy and here are 5...

 Happy New Year!

The beginning of the year is a magical time filled with fresh energy and so much hope. I love these good vibes because they reinforce my enthusiasm about being the designer of my life. My days and weeks used to feel really drab- filled with tons of calls, meetings, and dreaded appointments. I used to come home and do the "Carrie Bradshaw Bullshit Move" see below. 

I decided that I wanted my life to be filled with radiance, fun, appointments and dates that make me shimmy my boobies and sing "Hell YAAASSSS!!!" So in an effort to perhaps inspire you to become the designer of your life, your schedule, your weeks, and your days, I am sharing my weekly ritual with YOU! 

Every Sunday I plan my week (and sometimes I do it with small batch tea in an even smaller cup like the image above). I check in with myself and ask, "What's up?" I continue the inner monologue with more questions: How you zooin? What are you in the mood for? Do I hate everyone this week and want to spend t...

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