5 Minutes of Fabulous: The person you really need to go on a date with

Good morning Darling, Hope your week has been positive and productive! I recently attended a lecture on relationships and how they are a spiritual practice and oh man, did I learn so much! The teacher at the event was Tracy McMillan, a relationship expert, who I recently discovered on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. At the event, I learned about how our relationships and how they trigger us can be our greatest spiritual teachers. The one learning that resonated with me most was the concept that we expect the person we date or marry to make us feel sexy and interesting. Doesn’t sound like the worst thing to expect out of a relationship, right? WRONG! We expect someone else us to light us up and ma

5 Minutes of Fabulous: My favorite self-care practice for being your most fabulous at werk!

Good Morning my sweet mini muffin! Can all the perfectionists please stand up? I’m a recovering perfectionist. Even now, I notice my need for control and my expectation for perfection rearing its ugly head every now and again. Especially in my career. The same is true for one of my private coaching clients. She’s an extremely talented, bright, and successful corporate executive that suffers deeply from self-imposed perfection in her work. My client strives to show up perfectly while she’s on the job and especially when her boss, team members, and colleagues ask her questions in meetings. When this happens, she feels as though she has to have an answer right away. This self-expectati

5 Minutes of Fabulous: For all the werking girls (and that includes stay-at- home parents too!)

Happy Friday Honey! Hope you’ve had a fantastic week! One thing I know about myself is that my career is a huge part of my happiness. Do you feel the same? For those of us on the journey of living more fabulously, colorful, and radiant lives, evaluating what makes us come alive in our work is imperative. What I know to be true is that everyone feels some dissatisfaction in their job and that’s ok. But when was the last time we asked ourselves what we can do to make our careers feel more fabulous? I speak with so many women that feel deep hatred towards their jobs, their bosses, and their office culture. What I notice is the lack of willingness to make some change on their part. Change doesn’

5 Minutes of Fabulous: Do Less & Accomplish More

Good Morning Beautiful, Let’s take a stroll together down the path of least resistance. Imagine effortless ease and abandoned carefreeness. Think about a beautiful flower and how flowers never try to bloom, they just do. Flowers don’t have to do a damn thing and they accomplish everything. What this looks like in our lives is having a faint idea of what we want, and then the manifestation of the idea develops effortlessly, spontaneously and without friction, drama or bullshit. So how do we do this? How do we manifest a loving, tender, passionate partner? Or that killer job in the field that we are most passionate about? Or the most wonderful and warm group of friends? Do less and allow love

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