5 Minutes of Fabulous: If we make one small shift will it make us happier?

Good Morning Gorgeous! I want to let you in on a conversation I had with one of my co-workers this week. It went a little something like this… Me: (Notices co-worker eating lunch in the office kitchen) Hey! Oh wow! Looks like you made yourself a gorgeous lunch today. What did you make? Him: I think chicken. I mean fish. Me: (laughing) What kind of fish? Him: I think salmon? Me: You think? Where are you right now? Him: I’m in my phone. Honestly, I don’t really remember what kind of fish it was. Darling, this is no joke. I did actually have this conversation and documented it in my journal right after it occurred because it made me feel confused and sad, but also made me laugh. My hope is that

5 Minutes of Fabulous: Can self-care exist in corporate America?

Bonjour Darling! You may not think that working a fifty-hour week and self-care should be in the same sentence, but I’m here to tell you that the two can certainly exist together! Did you know that I’ve been working in corporate America for the last nine years? When I’m not coaching women on how to add more fabulous to their everyday lives, I’m busy strutting around a boardroom and typing away in a cubicle (mind you, it’s a very chicly decorated cubicle). I currently work at a digital music video company called, Vevo. I’m an Account Executive and I work directly with film studios to help them market their films alongside artists and music videos. My job includes lots of unknowns, pressure fr

5 Minutes of Fabulous: Is glamour a spiritual practice?

Hello Gorgeous (said in my best Barbra Streisand voice) I recently attended a sneak peek of the Chanel Beauty House in LA that was put on as a preview of Chanel’s newest lip colors. This preview event was held right before the Oscars and as I tried on virtual and real lipsticks, I got to thinking about glamour and intention. According to Merriam Webster, glamour is defined as the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special. Enchantment, magic. Yas Exciting. Yas Special. Yas Enchantment. Yas Magic. All of this screams mindfulness, connection, intention setting, positivity, and yas, spirituality. Some believe that authentic spiritual awakening i

5 Minutes of Fabulous: If we let go of the outcome can we get everything we want?

Hey Babe, Have you ever wanted an outcome so badly that it became an obsession? Yeah? Me too. I recently got off of synthetic birth control after being on it for 18 years and my body has been going through some changes. I’m talking about adult acne, bloating, and sore nipples- yes, I just went there. Over the last week, I developed some of the most offensive pimples that I’ve seen since I was thirteen and doing the electric slide at a bar mitzvah. My boyfriend, Matt, and I were headed to our friends’ wedding and these pimples were not invited as a plus one or a plus two. I became obsessed with getting rid of them. I used face masks, creams, ice, hot compresses, essential

5 Minutes of Fabulous: Are we dying before we're dead?

Yasss, honey! You better wake the fuck up today, doll face! Wake up because you are ALIVE. Over 151,000 people die every day and I can bet all the money in the world that those 151,000 folks wish that they could wiggle their toes, feel the warmth of their bed, or feel the sweetness of a hug. These are all things that you can do right now. You lucky duck, you! I would also bet all the money in the world that any soul without a body would do anything to inhabit a body again. Even if that body is 20 pounds overweight, has cellulite on its ass, and rocks frizzy hair. Which begs me to ask the question, are we dying before we’re dead? We postpone happiness. I’ll be happy when I lose 10 pounds. Eve

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