5 Minutes of Fabulous: What You Appreciate Appreciates.

YAY! I am so excited it's Friday- what about you? This week, I started my new job at Vevo and I couldn't be happier. I connected with my new co-workers and had such a blast hearing their stories and sharing mine. They asked me about how I learned about the position and my journey to getting the job. I explained to them that while I was in my last job, I was feeling like I needed to amp up my faith. I also told them that I found myself getting easily frustrated and annoyed when I came up against challenges. During these times, I needed to vent, but after the venting I found it really helpful to count my blessings. One day in April, I was on a call with my fabulous lifestyle coach, Jamie Mende

5 Minutes of "Not So" Fabulous: What I Learned From Having Food Poisoning & Getting Hi

My precious loves, I will keep this week's post short & sweet. Without indulging you in all the gory details, I had a mean case of food poisoning and got hit by a car while out on a morning stroll. Yes, this all happened within one week, and I am still here, I'm physically strong, still emotionally weak, and am extremely grateful to be able to tell you what I learned over this last week. Life is precious. If you desire something go after it and go after it with all your heart and soul. Our bodies are perfect. They are self-healing, incredible, miraculous specimens. When you realize that life is truly a gift and can be taken from you at any minute, you don't really give a fuck if you are a si

5 Minutes of Fabulous: The World Reflects How We Treat Ourselves

Happy Friday Baby Dolls! I am currently in a transition period before I start a new job and I'm taking this time to rest and clear my head. I am processing some unresolved feelings from my last gig and setting positive intentions for my future. I was recently in a situation where I felt seriously slighted. Can you relate? You know that feeling like you are totally disrespected and walking away feeling unimportant? What I realized is that the world simply reflects the way we treat ourselves. That got me thinking about how I've been slighting myself by downplaying the best parts of who I am. Honestly, I've been afraid of owning my uniqueness, my affluence, and richness. Where are you slighting

5 Minutes of Fabulous: Growth Looks like Mongo Zits & Feels like Being Scared AF

Hi Babe! Hope your week has been delightful and that you are still savoring the memories of the long 4th of July weekend! Not sure if you’re aware but when I’m not sharing tips and tricks on how to live a colorful, authentic, fabulous life, I work in Corporate America. For the last four years, I’ve been the West Coast Digital Sales Rep for Rolling Stone. My specialties are brand partnerships and digital advertising. Right now, I’m going through an amazing, yet crazy and scary transition in my career. Last week, I resigned from Rolling Stone and accepted an offer at a fabulous company called VEVO. I have a deep love and passion for music and I am going from working at a legacy music brand to

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