5 Minutes of Fabulous: My Body Image Story

As you may know, last week I attended the Master Your Life retreat, held in NYC, that was focused all around self-care, body image, our inner critic, and intuitive eating. I had a really moving experience at the retreat and am still processing all these gorgeous nuggets of information that were presented to me. I am still feeling the afterglow of sisterhood, of spending quality time with twelve other women for a span of four days, and feel like these women were able to see me way better than I have ever been able to see myself. With that, I want to share my body image story because it came up during the retreat and felt really raw for me. It felt like my heart was opening and breaking at the

5 Minutes of Fabulous: Treat yo Self: Retreat Edition

Hello and Happy Friday from New York City, babes! I am currently at a luxurious retreat focused all around self-love, resilience, and intuitive eating in the middle of Soho, Manhattan. (more on that later). A couple of years back I took a risk and signed up for a one-day silent retreat through my local meditation studio. This was my first retreat experience and it felt really accessible. The retreat was a one-day excursion in the LA area that included a full day of meditation exercises. It was extremely freeing to be silent for 12 hours with no access to my cell phone and to participate in various mindfulness techniques. The experience was rewarding and was my gateway into the retreat world

5 Minutes of Fabulous: She's a Bad Mama Jama

Man, oh Man! I’ve been in some incredibly uncomfortable situations lately. Major changes happening at work, presenting to potential business partners, meeting new people and potential new friends are all making me feel some type of way. Do you know what I mean? I find that in these types of situations I easily abandon myself. I get totally caught up in the person on the other end. Do they like me? Will they think I’m capable? Will they think my outfit is cute? Do they know how passionate and enthusiastic I am? Do they think I’m a total dud? Do you find that when you’re meeting new people, interviewing for a new job, or going out on a first date (even on a friend date) that you put the person

5 Minutes of Fabulous: Play Yo Range, Honey!

I believe that the first week of May is a beautiful time; it’s the halfway point between spring and the beginning of summer. So during this time I like to jot down some intentions for the month. While doing this I started to notice how my intentions seemed almost contradictory. I also noticed that my range was coming out in FULL force. My intention list made me feel like I’m figuratively bi-polar and two-faced, like I am Mary J. Blige but also Audrey Hepburn. (clearly my confidence is showing up here) But when looking at my intentions (see below) I smiled, because I’ve learned to accept my range. Not so long ago, I only accepted the good feelings: like the fact that I’m happy-go-lucky and lo

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