5 Minutes of Fabulous: This One Goes Out to All the Hustlin' Boss Babes in da House

I'll start off by letting you in on a little secret, I am confident and I am insecure (AF btw). We are not just one thing, we are everything and we have a range to play. I know who I am today and I’m on a life-long journey to know myself better. With that being said, I’ve got a story to share with you about how I'm a serious work in progress. Walking into my office this week, as my heels clanked down the hallway, I silently said my affirmations “I am capable. I am worthy. I am grace, elegance, abundant, and fabulous. I got this!” Shortly after settling in at my desk, with my lemon water and ease, I found out that a colleague with the same title and job as me got a promotion. I had a major WT

5 Minutes of Fabulous: All the Answers Are Within YOU!

So, I can’t possibly be the only one that feels lost when it comes to making decisions in my life. Right? (I’m imagining that all of you are hollering, “Right!” in your best Oprah voice) I find myself saying,“I don’t know what to do, Whaaa, What do I do?” when it comes to situations at work and in my personal life. In all honesty, I’ve felt confused and lost when it comes to booking a trip (i.e. my upcoming solo trip to Paris) to buying tickets to a Broadway show or taking a job interview. Even the most confident and secure person needs a remedial lesson in coming back to their intuition once in a while. Which reminds me of my mother (Hi, Mammy!), who inspired this post after we had a conver

5 Minutes of Fabulous: How would I spend my day if I were already thin, confident, & blissful?

This past week has been pretty exhausting and I’ve been disappointed with how I’ve been treating myself. I’ve lacked self-compassion and have been judgmental of my feelings, the fact that I haven’t exercised, and my overall laziness. I’ve been struggling with my emotional self-care. You may be wondering, what the hell is that? My definition of emotional self-care is the active maintenance of your inner stability and balance. So while feeling like a bit of a mess (can you relate?) I had a session with my lifestyle coach, Jamie Mendell (who is the absolute best BTW and you can check out her work here). I talked candidly with her about how elements of my life at work and in my relationships wit

5 Minutes of Fabulous: The Art of an Extravaganza Eleganza

At the beginning of the year, I did a deep dive review into 2016 and got clear on what I wanted more of in 2017. I was craving more connection, new things/adventures, fun, and beauty. I want to create more gorgeous moments not just for myself but also for my friends and family. I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone to connect more and have fun! And what that looks like for me is entertaining. Entertaining for the sake of connection and beauty. Celebrating life and making the mundane feel fabulous. And my favorite reason to gather the people I love is for a viewing party. First off, I love entertainment. This year I’ve hosted a Golden Globes and Oscars viewing party. And about 2 we

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