5 Minutes of Fabulous: Girl, I'm spendy.

Happy Friday Gorgeous! So let's tawk. I'm spendy. I love to shop. I used to really love buying tons of clothes, shoes, make-up, purses, and tchotchkes. And don't get me wrong, sometimes I still do. And the reason I think I did this is because I was constantly searching for happiness and peace. For the majority of my life I have looked outside of myself for love, excitement, and acceptance and shopping always made me feel those things. (For a couple of hours, at least). But what I can say now is that the desire to have tons of everything has shifted. For the last year, I've been really into the concept of only spending my money, time, and energy on things that bring me joy. And what I realize

5 Minutes of Fabulous: Drab to Fab

Ahhh Happy Friday Love Muffin! Yas! We made it! TGIF! So, the last couple of weeks I’ve been kind of all over the place. Can you relate? Lots of activity going on at work that calls for early morning meetings and lots of deadlines to meet. My personal life has also been revving up with lots of fun activities (check the insta for the latest adventures). Now, I can only imagine that your life looks similar, am I right? I know I am! My saving grace the last couple of weeks has been a seamless hair, skincare, and make-up routine that takes me from drab to fab in 5 minutes. My hope is that on days that feel out of your control, that these simple tips will bring you ease and seamlessness. And of c

5 Minutes of Fabulous: Los Angeles

I didn't always love LA. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley aka The Valley and remember many nights cruising Ventura Blvd. with my friends where we talked about moving away to places like New York, Boston, or San Francisco. I couldn’t get out faster. I decided to move to San Francisco for college and thought I’d never turn back. Until, of course, LA (and the Universe) called for me to head back home to take my first job at the height of the recession in 2010. Once I moved back and started working, I began to open myself up to this fascinating city. In a span of one week I would be downtown at a Laker’s Game, by the beach in Venice sipping sake with friends and taking drunk strolls around t

5 Minutes of Fabulous: 5 Ways to Make Your Work Space as Fab as you are!

I’ve worked in all types of spaces. I’ve shared a cubicle with two other people (seriously). I’ve worked from home, I’ve sat at communal desks, and from my own office. For years, I showed up at work and pushed myself to complete exhaustion. Working long hours, running on below empty, with no pleasure to be found in my workplace or in my life really. Because of this, I wasn't showing up as my best self or putting out my best work. Once I realized that I actually strive and shine when I add self-care, love, and fabulousity to my daily routine, I realized that I am worthy of working in a beautiful space. I found that once I made the space around me more inspiring, I could feel myself being more

5 Fabulous Things

At the end of most days, my boyfriend and I ask each other what the best part of our day was. Not only do I love hearing about what made him feel joy or ease during his day, but I really get a kick out of sharing what I enjoyed most about my own day. It usually makes me feel grateful and optimistic. So I'm curious, what was the best part of YOUR day? Better yet, what was the best part of your week? I want to share with you what made my week fabulous. We were invited to join friends for a secret, invite only, communal dinner and it was pure magic. The wine was flowing, the homemade challah bread was beyond, and the laughs were a plenty. This week I was traveling for business and was lucky eno

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